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surprisepackage / Friday, June 12, 2015

How do I search for products?
Click on the product tab on the menu bar, you will see the search bar located at the top in the product page, enter the product name to find your preferred products.

Click on the link to search for a product for purchase here

How do I place an order for a product?
Please follow this simple steps

  1. Select your choice product then click on ADD TO CART, to add this product into your cart.
  2. Click on the ‘proceed to checkout’ tab to complete your order process
  3. You will need to ‘sign up’ to create an account if you are a new customer or ‘login into your account’ if you have an existing account with Surprise Package
  4. At checkout, fill  your personal details, shipping address and payment method
  5. Our Sales personnel will get in touch with you once your order has been completed
  6. If you require any assistance please contact us and  you are sure to get an immediate response from our sales team.

Can I order for a customized gift product?
Yes, you can specify and order for a customized product
Ensure to fill the special instruction on the checkout page
and we will make sure your details are taken into accounts

How can I track my ordered product?
Simply Login to your account
and fill the ‘Order Status’ form
you will immediately get a mail on your ‘Order Status’
or our representative will give you a call about your order.

Is my payment card identity safe?
We have ensured that all transactions on Surprise Package and cards identity are securely protected with the encrypted SSL interface, and also constantly under SiteLock’s protective surveillance , hence your payment’s details are protected and are not stored in any form in our database.

Can you get for me a product that is not currently found on Surprise Package?
Yes, we will get you your desired product and deliver respectively, however,you will need to fill the contact form and submit a description of your desired product item.

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